44 Nigerians have been expelled for different offenses incorporating unlawfully remaining in Ghana.

The deportees were condemned to 99 days detainment and will be ousted subsequent to carrying out their punishment.

The individuals who carried out their punishment at the Tamale detainment facilities were 43 guys and one female.

Sources disclosed to Tunez9ja News that a group of escort officials made of the Immigration officials will lead the deportees from Tamale to Accra to accept their extradition letters and accompanied out of the country.

As indicated by the source, plans have been made to guarantee a smooth exercise focusing on that the different provincial capitals the deportees will go through have been made aware of guarantee smooth entry.

Likewise, nations that the deportees will go through like Togo, Benin have been cautioned.

This is the first run through the Immigration Service is expelling a huge gathering of individuals from the space.

The removal comes after the Service noticed a ton of unlawful passages provoking them to act.

Following reports that a few crooks are in the Tamale region looking to threaten the inhabitants, the Service keeps on getting the nation’s lines.

The Ghana Immigration Service additionally held a durbar to teach outsiders on section and dwelling wrongfully.


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