with over 200k+ enrolled clients and tallying, iBSmartify/InksLedger Technologies LTD otherwise known as InksNation, a Nigerian Real Estate and Tech startup, is developing what is currently: ‘Africa’s Biggest blockchain P2P biological system.’ for very nearly ONE YEARS NOW, Without an ICO, IEO, or the typical trade posting stunt or some other crypto advertising stunt. 

Or maybe, with a solid network of clients, 8 blockchain use case arrangements and worth dependent on human resource improvement and valuation on the blockchain, InksNation is directly one of the quickest developing blockchain organizes out there. 

How everything Started 

As per Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks, the CEO of iBSmartify, InksLedger Technologies LTD and author/UDI of InksNation DAO Foundation. “The InksNation thought was profoundly roused and one dependent on affection. Likewise, it is predicated on utilizing the blockchain to improve and better the financial prosperity of humankind, as opposed to make a framework that is energized by inefficient rivalry and vicious value developments. 

This entire thought was profoundly motivated from a fantasy in 2017. Today, that experience and a while of innovative work have birthed 8 superb use case developments, which are completely predicated on a helpful thought of sparing the center and low class salary workers, just as each powerless soul, from the unavoidable approaching monetary emergencies and occupation deficiencies that will hit the activity advertise in under 10 years. 

All the more unequivocally, as indicated by an exploration distribution by McKinsey worldwide Institute 30% of occupations will be lost to A.I controlled robots in under 10 years. At the end of the day, any semblance of Hasons mechanical autonomy, superstar humanoid robot Sophia, will in all likelihood be composing distributions like this later on or will most likely be possessing your current employment job. 

Regardless of whether you are possibly in support of… the improvement of these sorts of development, actually, robots will be taking pretty much every employment job we know today and when they do individuals may need to be very much dealt with only for being people. A framework that guarantees the caretaking of mankind in that A.I. overwhelmed age is the thing that the inksnation thought of human resource improvement is about. 

The InksNation Innovating Solutions 

Without further ado we will float through InksNation’s 8 use-case arrangements and developments, before taking a gander at the convention thought and financial ways of thinking of the InksNation biological system. These developments are as per the following. 

1.InksLedger Blockchain 

The InksLedger is a decentralized Ledger arrangement worked to esteem and improve the appropriation of Human and Non-Human Asset Development. Because of the requests of this blockchain, InksLedger is Africa’s first Standalone Blockchain, which means it isn’t based on a blockchain structures like Ethereum, or IBM’s Hyperledger. The inksLedger adventurer can be seen at explore.inksnation.io

InksNation and its blockchain are structured and created to reestablish all an incentive back to mankind by being the first blockchain to be upheld by the universes generally significant yet broadly thought little of advantage class (Human Asset) in a way that guarantees all human life on earth who wants to get spoke to as a living hub is boosted for being only that, a living hub. 

In addition, the InksNation’s money related model is one that can end destitution in any economy, in under 9 months, which intends to pay every single Living Node (that is enrolled members) at least $11 day by day, for life as Universal Child Basic Income (UCBI) as an offspring of the world, making the blockchain one that moves toward the deep rooted issue of a Universal Basic Income exceptionally. To become familiar with the InkNation UBI model checkout this page www.inksnation.io

2. InksNation DAO 

A cleaner in Ghana makes multiple times not exactly a cleaner in Luxembourg. Same Job depiction, same work-hour, likely a similar association, simply various areas, yet amazingly unique compensation. Likewise, with the ascent of AI-driven robots in the activity advertise, this imbalance hole will just deteriorate as we presently have profoundly beneficial and effective robots to rival in the work environment. 

The Inks DAO thought is predicated on the way that people ought to be dealt with for being people, not where they live, how much work they do… This is the reason iBsmartify is building up the World’s First free Charitable Trust DAO, which centers around advancing affection, unity, solidarity, harmony and impartial conveyance of riches. 

The entire structure is one that consolidates the utilization of Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, and Quantum Computing all engaged toward Philanthropy and Humanitarian Good. 

The Inks DAO framework is one which encourages and computerizes the dissemination of a Universal Basic Income (UBI), permitting AI to be a gift in the work environment, as opposed to a revile, permitting people to live as Kings and Queens, by giving a strengthening answer for the under-valuation of human resources. 

3. Evidence of Love (POL) Consensuship 

The Proof of Love for Humanity calculation or (POL calculation) is worked with each of the 180 sovereign monetary forms of the world as a top priority. As it were, with POL we have 180 speaking to the 180 monetary standards of the world, subsequently we see all nations that utilization a similar money as one creation 180 to some degree like the enchantment number of adoration, which depends on the consensuship of the InksLedger’s system. 

It subsequently implies that, 180 monetary standards equivalent 180 nations, which likewise approaches 180 human resources expected to finish an accord and this further makes 180 human resources rises to 180 living hubs, which equivalent 1 Consensus or what is called 1 Collective Mass Agreement (CMA) on the InksNation biological system. 

Likewise, every CMA (that is agreement) accomplished, expands the cost of InksNation’s utility coin by multiple times its underlying worth. Additionally, there are four kinds of CMA’s on the inksLedger Blockchain, which incorporates: 

Essential CMA (180 Living Nodes, clients), 

Auxiliary CMA (18 Million Living Nodes, clients), 

Tertiary CMA (180 Million Living Nodes, clients) 

What’s more, Quaternary CMA (1.8 Billion Living Node, clients) 

4. Pinkoin (PKN) 

This is the local resource of the Inksnation economy and the World’s First Distributed Reserve Cryptocurrency. It is likewise called “The Democracy of Money” since it is predicated on the possibility of “Cash of the People, Money sponsored by the People, and Money for the People.” This Reserve Cryptocurrency belief system is very surprising from customary monetary forms and it just capacities inside the Inksnation economy. 

Likewise not at all like most digital forms of money, it consolidates highlights of both StableCoins and Floating Coins while having its worth sponsored by the human resources of the system, which makes it the principal advantage for be supported by human resources. Likewise as at the hour of composing 1 PKN is worth $1,123 and the absolute hold top of over $160 Billion. 

5. InksNode 

This is an additional administrations layer, as Masternode administration found in frameworks like Dash. In any case, with InksNode the thought is based on making human resource speculation what it naturally is, “the greatest venture.” 

Through the few InksNodes bundles, high capital elements, people and organizations will saddle the computational duty of the system (consequently the term Proof of Love Consensuship.) This makes it conceivable to fund the Universal Child Basic Income for the recipients. Additionally, because of the generous signal of these Nodes, they are by a long shot the most compensated substances on the biological system. There are 4 kinds of InksNodes: 

Sunfish Node Package 

Dolphin Node Package 

Sharks Node Package 

Whales Node Package 

These InksNodes accompany 400,000, 4 Million, 40 Million and 400 Million living hubs openings for nothing. So with these, all the recipients get the $11 Daily bundle for nothing and the Nodes Bearers become Universal Trustees of the InksNation DAO Foundation. Checkout this page to become familiar with the InksNode Package. 

6. PinKard 

This is Africa’s First Blockchain QR Code empowered Debit Card, which works correspondingly to card administrations like MasterCard and VISA Card, with extra QR functionalities to improve value-based administrations in PinKoin for the unbanked. 

The Pinkard intends to bank the unbanked and underbanked, it accompanies a QR Code which when checked contains your one of a kind Pinkoin Wallet Address. This guides moves and exchanges between clients. 

The Pinkard has over 100k holders as at the hour of composing, and will before long develop to turn into Africa’s main crypto platinum card specialist co-op while upheld by the PinKoin ATM. 

7. Pinkoin ATM 

In association with a Chinese Company, the First Pinkoin ATM will be introduced in Africa’s most crowded city, Lagos, the administrative center of iBsmartify arrangement in July. 

8. The Distributed Reserve Cashless Banking (DRCB) Model activity 

This is one of the clever thoughts with InksLedger, as an endeavor to fuse the InksNation economy with customary fiscal frameworks. At the end of the day, InksLedger is one of only a handful few blockchain frameworks which isn’t an enemy of government or hostile to national bank decentralized framework however tries to fill in as a move up to these frameworks all around. 

The InksLedger banking-in-Abundance model executes the obligation based framework and furthermore fills in as a Bailout for each of the 180 Sovereign Currencies spoke to by people from these areas. This will contain the Distributed Reserve Exchange which fills in as an Atomic-Swap for each of the 180 Currencies spoke to on our Blockchain. 

The main way, a blockchain like this which is upheld by human resources in 180 sovereign countries to one cryptographic structure. The finish of this framework will in this manner mean the finish of the whole human race, which is inconceivable. 

Every one of these developments have been open for Nigerians, alone since November 2019, however will presently be available to the remainder of the world from the twelfth of June, 2020. This is in celebration of the numerous philanthropic battles everywhere throughout the world that is set apart by that day. 

All the more exactly, the twelfth of June makes Nigeria’s Democracy Day, it also marks the National Loving Day in America and Hong Kong Protest in China/Hong Kong. Please learn more about the inksNation’s 12th of june, 2020 launch at www.inksnation.io.


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