Any Muslim Caught Not Fasting Faces Up To 6 Months Imprisonment- Ramadan Police


    In Malaysia, Islamic officials are disguising as waiters in restaurants to catch Muslims who are not participating in the Ramadan fast and offenders could face up to 6 months in jail or pay $329 in fine
    32 enforcement officers in the Malaysian district of Segamat are dressing up as cooks and waiters to catch Muslims who choose to eat during the holy month of Ramadan.

    Tea-brewers and noodle chefs were selected from the ranks of the department’s officers to carry out the task of being Ramadan Police. These officials will be placed at 185 food premises where they will identify Muslims who aren’t fasting, snap a photo of them, and send it to the local religious affairs department.

    Segamat Municipal Council president Mohamad Masni Wakiman told the New Straits Times: “We have specially selected enforcement officers who are dark skinned for the undercover job,”

    Dark skinned officials were chosen because their cover will be more convincing since many restaurant staff are migrants workers.

    Wakiman added: “They sound convincing when they speak in Indonesian and Pakistani lingo, so that customers will believe they are really hired to cook and serve meals and take menu orders.”

    If a Muslim is caught breaking the fast by one of the officers, he or she might face a fine of up to $329 or up to six month detention or both.


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