Recall that on the 30th of September 2018, A student of Law from the University of Jos was shot dead by unknown gunmen in military uniforms at Students Village Hostel.

In an attempt to immortalize his death and tell the world the truth of the incident, Liberty Wilson and Armstrong B. Zittas authored a book tittled “Kums Fenan Shedrack; the Victim of a failed system.

Liberty Wilson is a 500L student of Law, a student unionist and an activist, presently the Secretary General of the Students Union Government (SUG).

Armstrong Zittas is a 400L Student from the department of special education and rehabilitation science, He is a student unionist and an activist, one time Public Relation Officer faculty of education and one time SUG Presidential aspirant, university of Jos.

Aside the motivational reasons of immortalizing Kums, this book seeks to imprint the worthy legacies of the deceased in the minds of the public, call on the government, institutions and individuals to keep up to their various responsibilities and also provoke the conscience of Nigerians youths to stand for Justice no matter the odds.

The victim of a failed system.            

A book that points out the bedeviling system we live in. A total disrupt to mental health and academic excellence. It is set to be launched on the 2nd of April 2020 at the University.

The book is written by:

Liberty Wilson and Armstrong B Zittas.


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