Nigerian rapper maffigrai after dropping few tracks from his EP My Genesis, finally hits us hard with the complete EP. Maffigrai featured Blockah, Pucado and Squeezer in the EP. these tracks will keep you entertained through this pandemic Period. download complete EP below and remember to stay safe from Coronavirus (covid 19)

Maffi Grai-I.N.Y (I need you)

[Music]Maffigrai-My Genesis (mix. Magictunez)

[Music] Maffi Grai Ft. Squiz da trigg-Reborn


[Music]Maffigrai ft Pucado & Blocka – Bar Spitta

[Music] Maffigrai – The beast

[I.N.Y(I need you)]
True feelings are hidden
it’s poison, I’m bleeding
I don’t like pretending
It’s killing me slowly
I tried to admit it
I spent every minute alone in my unit but can’t find an exit (why)
Remembered when you cried
You said you had a guy but that nigga said goodbye
You compared him and I
You hid me in a lie
I found a girl alike but you ain’t a gemini
Don’t deny that I’m the right guy cos I bless you like Commando
I never brag, just feeling like I’m Rambo
Guys over you so I’m switching up my tempo
Gave em respect, I’mma take you from your man tho
Get off the seesaw moving like a jigsaw
You need to withdraw from all of your flaws
I ain’t an outlaw
I ain’t a milord
My love is flawless
True love is endless
I’m better cos I had you
I get lost when I see you
I know I act cold pretending I’m bold but I’m weak cos I need you
You messed me but I want you
Stressed me but it’s still you
Your drip slayed for years
Your lip taste of tears
Still babe I adore you
Guys wanna date you
Ladies want a fake you
They’ll always mistake you
I’ll never forsake you
Found you, had you, then I lost you
Miss you, feel you, I’ll always do
People wanna break you
Haters wanna hate you
Issues wanna shake you
I’ll always awake you
Mind you, it’s true, I still want you
Now I’m hurting cos I need you


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