While the donations of multimillionaires is trending on social media, Gyang William and Nura Jibrin quietly walked into Jos University Teaching Hospital, JUTH and requested to fixed all their broken down ventilators at NO COST as part of their contribution to fight Covid-19.

The cost of one ventilator ranges between $30,000 to $50,000 (Between N12 million to N18 million) before you add tax, custom duty, freight, etc. That will make us appreciate their contribution.

Dr Daniel Meshak reported that they have so far fixed two that were considered scrap bringing the total number of ventilators in JUTH to 6. In many cases, persons infected by coronavirus require ventilator to survive and its a critical tool in the fight against this disease.

The contribution of this two golden hearts is one of the purest form of patriotism I have seen in recent times by any nigerian citizen. You can’t imagine how many lives will be saved by this singular act. It is in the DNA of Plateau citizens to always lead from the front in that respect.

The two of them are proudly JOStified.

These are some of the glimpses of hopes that make many to still have faith in this country and keep mustering hope in the future of Plateau state.

Their contribution is a proof that regardless of our tribes, religion or creed, we can join hands and collectively fight Covid-19.
Together we can truly defeat this Covid-19.
Thank you so very much William Gyang and Nura Jibrin and may our good God bless you.


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