This is Leritshimwa Diyal of Zawan in Jos South local government area.
She claimed to have given birth in a kidnappers den on 28 May 2019. She made her husband and family members pay a 400, 000 naira into her account.
She however confessed today in an exclusive interview that she sneaked into Plateau hospital where she did her Industrial Training to steal a baby belonging to Mary Chukwuebuka of COCIN church Zarmaganda.
She took the female child to Bingham Teaching Hospital for medical attention.
The police who had set out detectives all over hospitals in town wrote to Bingham Teaching Hospital to ascertain whether she really gave birth. After a painstaking investigation, the police discovered that Leritshimwa did not give birth as she claimed.
In an exclusive interview today at the police headquarters, Leritshimwa could not hold back her tears as she said she had over eight miscarriages in her marriage and she was eager to have a child of her own ,that was why she hatched the plan.
She confesse


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