An observer said she got to be familiar with the occurrence when the young lady blacked out on Friday at the POS stand and narrated her ordeal the earlier evening. The matter was also reported to a non-legislative association, Promoter for Kids and Weak Individuals’ Organization (ACVPN).

“The young lady fell on Friday at her shop where she did POS for her aunt. Individuals assembled there and asked her what the issue was; she expressed her back was Paining her, we opened the back and saw burns, we asked her what befell her, she said she utilized N100 to purchase puff puff and Zobo when she was hungry on Thursday.


At the point when she got to the house, the auntie put pepper in her eye, put a blade ablaze and burnt her with it. I promptly took more time to the Elemoro police headquarters, I found she had different scars; I said what happened, she said a few months prior, her auntie called one Alhaja who gave her those scars. That very day, the police captured the Alhaja, yet the aunt as of now fled.”an observer said


It was asserted that police officers at the Elemoro station were at that point compromising the case as the Alhaja was delivered in light of the fact that the police thought of it as an old case and on the grounds that the lady guaranteed she was pregnant


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