By: Armstrong B Zittas

We are faced hideous menace of black stereotypes, sexual slavery, racial inferiority and other forms of deformations today in Africa because we staked everything in our futile search for a better life in Europe. The Europeans feast on our ignorance and inability to materialise our crude field of Nigeria and the gold field of South Africa and other natural endowments we are blessed with in the the countries of the continent.

These people prey on our desperation to cross the borders of Libya through irregular routes by either trekking the roads of sub Saharan desert or sailing the mediterranean sea to access Europe by the South east.

You can imagine the stress of trekking in the desert for days, enduring the Hunger and taste, the pains by tore of thorns, Doudging the bullets of border securities, or you can imagine sailing the Mediterranean sea in an over loaded boat, with the risk of capsiding in ratio 3:5 all in the belief that better life is only found in the Europe.

After being a survivor of this terror, you’re in the Europe where you’re supposed to enjoy the better life you staked all odds for, then regretfully. Your tragedy begins.

Our young girls are forced into prostitution and our young men are trained to be human traffickers, trafficking their fellow Africans. When brought to Europe they are sold to the prostitution markets or slavery.. We’ve become a continues blasphemy of ourselves.

I can remember the old tale in the 1980s about Benin Edo state capital as the center for prostitution in Nigeria and sub Saharan Africa, this bad reputes are all the lingering effects of Africans migration. The early migrants crossed the borders due to the agricultural advancement in Italy Which give rise to massive tomatoes production and the man power was lacking so it neccesitated the African migration.

When they return home to build mighty edifice and glamorous mansions, family pressure troop in, prosperity gospel messages covers the towns and Alot of other socio-cultural vices prompted massive migration of African that has caused our wonderful men and women of values to die in the deserts like wild animals.

Family Pressure: is one of the major factor responsible African migration as most families in Africa are desperate to see their children live the standard of their neighbors children who stays abroad and overseas, because of this desperation, they have in most cases landed in the hands of human traffickers who would later sale them to ‘madams’that will camp them for prostitution or ask them to pay a huge amount so as to gain freedom of which 9 out of 10 cases they may not be able to pay.

Religious Messages: Religious leaders has played a significant role in African migration through prosperity message as some churches and mosques will organise religious gathering and tagged it “A night of Visa” or “A year to travel overseas” and they will be praying and chanting “who ever is holding your key to oversea will die by die, consume by fire… osaramatayaya (speaking in tongues) “. Literally this would make one poor Nigerian youth who’s seeking to be the bread winner of his family to easily fall prey to human traffickers as they would make you feel like they are going to offer you your lifetime’s opportunity to make it.

In conclusion I want we, Africans to understand that There is no better place than where we are. There’s no better help to us than we are to ourselves. Therefore Africans should stop risking their future in search of dead traps thet termed “better life”, familes of young Africans should be educated on the dangers of crossing the borders and the aftermath, religious leaders should be advised to preach the gospel of salvation upon which the faith of every religion was founded and African leaders, governments and society should all play their roles as they’re the ultimate solutions to the #African Tragedy.

God bless Africa 🇨🇫


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