I’ts alright Lyrics..

Intro: Oooh yeah yeaaaa
Caesar Joewi dey here so

Chorus: It’s alright, make I call you my baby, make I call you my baby

Its alright make I rock your body, make I rock your body

Its alright, please don’t tell nobody that me love you truly (X2)

Its alright yeah, its alright..

Verse 1: I met this girl she a diva,
pretty fine senior Rita,
What she got me can’t leave her (backup; Me can’t leave her yeah)

She come dey talk she come dey go, her body low, her body soft, her body tight, oh baby no

(Backup; Yeah yeah yeah yeah)

Oh baby come closer, and lean on my shoulder, (backup; yea yea yea yea yea yeahhhhhh)


Verse 2: One fresh breath, two tender kisses, add it on a mid night stolen bliss,

Lemme come first T T is just a taste I can’t resist,

Let’s go chilling on the beach, because next time we be flying over seas,

Save me here to save your lips, coz loving you girl is achieving bigger dream’s.

Chorus: (X2)

Outro: Caesar Joewi dey here so, A21.. Smartstar productions


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