Download and listen to this insane rap song by Maffi Grai featuring Squiz da trigg  titled REBORN from his  mixtape ‘My Genesis


Hear my sound, there’s a new mc in jtown
Heads up, I’m only here for the crown
If you feel you can diss me, let’s get real now
Ain’t bragging I’m the reason why this niggas frown
Come around, thirty rounds, knock you down, hit the ground
Stop acting rich, you’ll do anything for a pound
Picture me trashing rappers in a wedding gown
[Verse 1]
Floss on me, sauce on me, cash on me, fame on me, down with me, roll with me, flex on me, grind on me
Infinite blessings from the most high raining on me
I’ve got all these ladies tripping, they’re all over me
She likes the way I dress, you know I’m the best
Your girl said I come first and it’s not a test
She told me in a trailer I’m her favorite nigga
The truth is always bitter now you know I’m better
I’m a prodigy, my energy can be edgy
My strategy, ideology are so catchy, I ain’t grumpy
Your elegy looks too funny
My eulogy must be funny
I never act like I’m lucky
That’s why they say I’m too cocky (ha)
Went into the city
My outfit looking litty
Your nigga looking silly and she’s in love, really?
I’m not the guy I used to be
Stopped being him his the old me
Balling now with my head up high
Don’t tell me how to live my life
I do the impossible
I know im valuable
I do the revocable
I’m so incredible
I do the unstoppable
I speak in parables
They think I’m vulnerable
They’re so deniable (×2)
[Verse 2]
(Squiz da Trigg)
Everyday am getting reborn
Keep my mind state fresh like a new born
Open minded like my skull got cracked
Day to day I unlearn and re learn
Got tha heart of a warrior and mind of a soldier
Stay bold like black bury all em haters and nay sayers
Always raise my middle finger
They the ones that ginger me to keep winning
And getting better as the day goes by
Don’t give em a chance to make you not try
To achieve your dreams even when it seems unattainable
Remember that impossible is nothing
Call they bluff like you playing pocker
What you reap is what you sow ain’t talking going to see ya tailor coz your cloth got torn
Am reborn call it re incarnation
Give my mental elevation
Stand out like my momma just kicked me out her house
Only real niggaz hear no one rocking blouse
Your third eye my lyrics arouse like you seen a sexy mami
Screw em hypocrites
Just keep doing ya thang
Grind hard and play hard is the motto
When I call, shawty tries to be nice
She can recall that I never call twice
Now she’s walking into my paradise
Be precise, be wise, that’s a word of advice
Last year, keep feeling suicidal
This year, I’mma battle all my rivals
Next year, don’t give me no scandal cos I’m reborn
I do the impossible
I know I’m valuable
I do the revocable
I’m so incredible
I do the unstoppable
I speak in parables
They think I’m vulnerable
Their so deniable (×2)


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