The endowed mc is back again to show his lyrical skill in this fascinating rap record titled ‘bar spitta‘ featuring Pucado and Blockah. This is from his mixtape ‘My Genesis’ Download and share this amazing record


Yo nigga! Come around let’s spit some bars, you know
Bar spitta
[Verse 1]
Maffy on da mic
Always got flows
Beat so hard
Hitting like blows
Rapping like a pro
Chilling with my bro
Five dope songs
They’ll be dropping on a row
Do this for my mom
Do it cos I can
Some say I’m lame
They don’t know who I am
Think I’m insane
Step into my lane
End my competitors like Saddam Hussain
One time, gon do this one time
Don’t waste my time if you not feeling my rhymes
You should know by now I’m not gonna allow people’s thoughts bout me determine who I wanna be
Rapping, flowing, ain’t stopping
Dreaming, learning, know what I’m doing
Winning, blooming, ain’t quitting
Fuck it I’m lazy
They don’t know I’m crazy (yeah)
Dey com dey talk right now
Dem vex cos ahdey mek Dem frown
Fuck that, oh no!
Bitches taking photos
Niggas watching pornos
I be making mottos
Fire in my eyes when I walk round my ghetto
Flames round me when I grind in my auto
Ain’t no saint, don’t call me a hero
I be rhyming, I be spitting bars like an og, smack haters
Real emcees ain’t fakers
Naija needs mad rappers
Rapping like we don’t know better
Winning every time like the Lakers
Making our rules, law makers
Haters everywhere but we bigger and stronger and faster and braver and smarter and wiser and better in everyway
I’mma shut Jtown today
Believe me I’m not here to stay
Put this on replay
Keep dreaming bout the day I’ll drop 10kay on your face when you always hate
My mistakes, they laughing
To God I be praying
They judge what they see with their eyes, that’s pathetic
Say what you want bout my life, I ain’t drastic
You ain’t bigger and you ain’t better
I’m a bar spitta
You ain’t bigger and you ain’t better
I’m a bar spitta (×3)
You ain’t bigger and you ain’t better
[Verse 2]
So I hop on a beat
Mehn fuck dis haters
Rap everyday
Mehn I chase dis papers
Rap on a beat mehn I can’t do less
Rap everyday
Mehn I got to stay blessed
Too many man wan take ma thing
But I put em on pending
Check how we trending
Everyday man dem flexing
Do what I want cos I gotta stay blessed
Maffy put me on so u know what it means
I mean it’s greatness, greatness
This is my genesis
If they lurking tell em put ma name in parentheses
Everyday put in work
Nigga we no Dey sleep
Then back to the topic
Everyday I grind
I’m a bar spitter
I’m a bar chaser
I’m a goal getter
Let it go! let me know! niggas be talking like hella hoes
But we just keep popping like henny oh!
We fresh out u already knw. Dark shades so u Neva know
Bounds along wen u hear the flow
Come along with ur hell of hoes.
Cause niggas be talking like hella hoes
All my life av been putting so much work.
(so much work)
You niggas talk a lot but we don’t give a fuck
Wen I am rapping In the boot I light my zoot
Its B.L.O.C.K.A blockah say my name (×2)
You ain’t bigger and you ain’t better
I’m a bar spitta (×3)
You ain’t bigger and you ain’t better


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