Just coming back from Maiyanga in Kwall where we witnessed the burial of the nine people that were killed last night by marauders.
The gory sight of the carnage was terrific. Aside the killings which started around 7Pm last night, many families were said to have taken cover in the bushes with their little children. Some who were unlucky were gunned down near bushes within a radius of 20-40 meters.
The more pathetic of all is the aftermath of the mass burial. Many families were seen parking with the little clothing they could afford to carry.

Children had to be forced to trek over 20 km from Ahura to Kwall about 2 hours. Available means of transportation is machines and hardly will you see a vehicle that will convey people except for rickety Peugeot wagons.

More disturbing are situations that the elderly had to trek for their dear lives for how long only God knows.
A more devastating worrisome situation is the security personnel who were drafter there last night. They complained to me they hadn’t eaten since yesterday and that they were running out of energy.
With all this, our people are dying! Our people have no homes to call theirs! What do we do? Who is to go for them or accommodate them?


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