Chilling film of a Russian tank incidentally exploding its own companions during a trap in Ukraine have been seen on the web. The clasp seems to show the awful mix-up occurring outside the city of Kyiv during a well disposed fire occurrence.

The drone film shows pictures of a Russian tank being unintentionally exploded by another Russian protected vehicle. The video shows Russian soldiers almost a town west of Kyiv as they were getting ready to leave the capital following their fruitless attack on the Ukrainian capital. It has been confirmed that the two vehicles were Russian as they included a “V” stamping imprinted on the tanks, reports Express.

The image, as frequently seen on film or pictures of Russian heavily clad battle vehicles sent to Ukraine, addresses the Russian marines. The drone film, as confirmed by GPS signals, was shot in Dmytrivka, a town west of Kyiv, as the Russian soldiers were leaving the capital during a Ukrainian snare.

The mistake has been classed as an amicable fire


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