“I am leaving you, If you are not ready to say the truth about all these money you have,
Chuks I don’t know the businesses you do, yet we have so much money….You told me
you had a cocoa plantation, but yet you never took me there. You told me your parents
were dead, but suddenly I get to meet them…I am leaving you with your problems. I have
vowed to stay with you through it all including your inability to father a child, but if you are
not ready to open up, I am leaving You…Anthony Chuks, Who are you?, Tell me who you
really are…?” My wife said crying bitterly
She was right, I was filthily RICH, I had so much money I could buy a Bank and throw all
the money in it into the sea without blinking an eye, but my life was a mess… Yes! My
wealth was from hard work, but the kind of hard work that a person could not be proud
Contrary to popular opinion, I was not into Fraud or money rituals or hard drugs or
kidnapping, I was into something Worse that was deep.
I was into selling of destinies and I sold destinies in millions and billions.
How? You are asking?
It is a top secret I had kept for years but the thought of my Wife leaving me was going to
push it out of my mouth….Despite all the money I had, My wife was my greatest Treasure,
because she was the only pure thing I could call mine…
My Wife asked again at the top of her voice jerking me really hard…
I broke down in tears at the gravity of my wife’s question. WHO WAS I? The answer was
that I didn’t know any more, but maybe if I tried telling her the truth about my life so far.
Maybe she would help me discover who I was!
“My name is Anthony Chuks and this was my narration to my Wife…
“It all started when I was just about 16 years old, I was in Senior Secondary School Year
2, just two more years before University. I was a church boy with no form of social

To be continued..


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