I was a church boy with no form of social
exposure. My life was a triangle, home-church-school. My father who was a Military
Officer and a part time clergy man, got transferred a lot.
By age 16, we were transferred to the Northern part of Nigeria, where been a Christian
was even more of a bigger deal. We didn’t have a lot of Television Stations to watch, Fun
was not a popular vocabulary around there as the Islamic religion was highly upheld there.
In my quest for fun, I met some naughty boys in the Barack, who introduced me to the fun
life of writing anonymous love letters to girls. To us it was fun as we watched the targeted
girls change their walking steps with the false knowledge that they had secret admirers.
For us it was all a joke….We were not interested in them, we were just fooling
around….Not until I met Haruna’s Sister. Her name was Jemima
She had wavy hair as long as that of a goddess, her skin was soft and tender, she was beautifully chubby, very fair complexioned and you could call her Stainless. She had no spots on her skin, her teeth were as white as snow and shone like glass on her naturally
lined lips. Beautiful was an understatement to describe Jemima.

To be continued 😘
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