The first day I saw her was when I went to my Friend’s house (Haruna). I had an instant
erection. The long thing between my thighs started longing for her…The longitude of it
became so embarrassing I guess Jemima even noticed because I saw the way she was
always staring at me anytime I was around in their home…
But she was older than I was, she was 20 and I was only 16.
Jemima must have seen the look of interest in my eyes and the way I was putting my
hands in to my trouser pockets to talk relaxation to my manhood, because it’s longing for
Jemima was always very obvious, almost standing erect anytime she smiled at me.
She knew I wanted her, even though I appeared shy in her presence. One day, she
walked up to me while I was waiting for her brother who had gone on errands…
“Can you handle me?” Was all Jemima asked, she walked away from me, swaying her
large hips while looking over her shoulder and giggling at me. She walked towards her
parent’s room and left the door to the room wide opened. I could see her unbuttoning her
cloth, while still looking at me… I was glued… I had been starved of quality television ever
since we got to the north and this screen Jemima was playing for me was too interesting
to be ignored….but yet I heard the loud voice of my mother playing in my head,

“Don’t awaken Love when it is not ripe, Control your Longing, Don’t let your
Longing Control you”

That was my mother’s voice during our family morning devotion that day…

To be continued..
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