Friday’s version of the Trend hostd by Amina Abdi Rabar commenced with four live meetings of astonishing artistes all live from different areas.

The visitors that participated in live included Jose Chameleone from Uganda, DJ Neptune from Nigeria, Tome from Canada and Elsa Majimbo from Nairobi.

Jose Chameleone

The Ugandan whiz named the chameleon that never changes was live directly from his home, he seemed wearing a shirt composed ANC (African National Congress) with the substance of Nelson Mandela imprinted on it indicating his adoration for the notable African pioneer.

He anyway influenced away from noting in the event that he could ever join governmental issues. He thought back on his connection with Kenya from his hit tune Bageya including Redsan discharged in the year 2000 under Ogopa DJs to places like Kayole, Kawangware, Imara Daima, South B and C among different hoods he visited while he was beginning it out in music.

On how the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced him and his gigs, he said “It has influenced me a great deal yet I am happy we are for the most part pushing ahead, I had different shows arranged all finished and from this I have lost over 100Million Ugshs.”

Dj Neptune

New in the wake of discharging the hit single “no one” including Joeboy and Mr Eazi, off his second collection that was set to be out in April yet was delayed, he uncovered that he was a self-educated disk jockey from Lagos.

“As an entertainer I am not used to being at home and not going out and doing what I love most and this entire Covid-19 pandemic has trained me to be glad for what I have and appreciate life” said Dj Neptune.

He uncovered that he got his name since he used to play a great deal of music by The Neptunes, a team of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, and when he was in clubs individuals would state “here comes the Neptunes fellow” and he chose to keep the name.

DJ Neptune even did a little set after his meeting and began with the hit banger “Utawezana” by Femi One and Meja flaunting his affection for Kenyan music before proceeding onward to other African hits.


Tome has been making music since she was 8 and her music can be depicted as afro combination as she consolidates the afro beat which has been a major impact to her.

She said she appreciates performing in front of an audience yet she despite everything discovers composing progressively remedial.

“Canadians here appreciate afro music a great deal and they are turning into significantly increasingly open to it as it’s played now in excess of a couple of years back, Tome said during the meeting.

She clarified that her new single “Free” signifies fleeing from your own fact and making your existence your home. The single is a piece of her collection coming out before long titled “greater than four dividers.”

Elsa Majimbo

Elsa is a news coverage understudy from Strathmore University who has been making on the web content since 2016. Her recordings have circulated around the web to the extent South Africa and was highlighted in the nation’s Glamor magazine.

She said her greatest emotionally supportive network has been her family, companions and classmates. “My folks bolster me a great deal however at home I am as yet their little girl and they are excessively strong of me yet it’s as yet an African home and it’s the equivalent here as far as my obligations here yet they despite everything bolster me,” Elsa said.

She portrayed her involvement in cyberbullying: “Better believe it I have been harassed a ton. A few people say I am not entertaining, others state I should bring down my recordings yet I never let it get to me. The despise, I think, originates from perhaps individuals looking for consideration or inactive or just not having any desire to see others succeed.”

The Trend finished with a club-like dj set from DJ E live as he removed the Labor Day appear with consecutive hits keeping fans bolted on lockdown in spite of the Covid-19 lockdown.


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